BlogListing Top 10 Anime Watching Countries

Listing Top 10 Anime Watching Countries

Here we are listing top 10 Anime watching countries.

‘Are you anime fan?’, ‘Do you watch Anime?’ such questions you must have asked your friends to see if they watch anime or not but have you wondered which country watch anime the most. Wondered or not we will answer that here.

We are going to make two list popularity of anime by two factors. First by percent of people watching and second by number of people watching anime.

You must be thinking that first rank will be obviously held by Japan in both list. As anime are originated from Japan but that’s not, lets find out.

Top 10 Countries where anime is popular (by population)

1. China

Well, you must be surprised.

China has a population of 1.4 billion and from that many teens watch anime so it is no wonder china gets the first rank here. China also got there own anime distributors like Crunchyroll, Funimation etc…

Recently, most of the Japanese anime run because of funding from china.

China also make their own anime series locally known as Donghua and comic series known as manhua.

So from all these facts it is no wonder that china takes first place.

2. India

India has second largest population in world. India also has a long history with anime. The reason being airing of anime like Dragon ball, Naruto, Digimon in Hindi Dub in India. As, Hindi is widely spoken language in India the Anime became popular in Indian Anime fans.

But, after sometime the airing of popular anime stopped in Hindi but even then the popularity of anime has never dropped here.

Due to many campaigns like #indiawantsanime Indian anime fans made it possible to release ‘Tenki no Ko’ A film by Makoto Shinkai in India with the help of many Indian Anime youtubers.

3. Indonesia

Over 67% of Indonesian people watch anime and read manga. So, its no wonder this country takes the first place. Apart from that, many show Indonesian reference in scenes and character designs. It is also due to ‘The Indonesian Anime times’ the anime popularity increases.

Anime became a part of culture as most of the children grew watching anime at prime time.

4. Brazil

Due to good political relationship between Brazil and Japan in 1960s Anime have been popular here. Trading of goods were part of it but, anime also found their way in Brazil.

Speed Racer (1960s – 1970s)and Space Battleship Yamato(1980) were the first shows to draw Brazilian’s attention to Japanese animation.

5. Russia

There are many characters that are Inspired by Russians in Anime.

Japanese studios use popular Russian last names like “Putina”, “Petrov”, and “Romanova” so that these fictional anime characters can feel more connected with their Russian viewers.

Anime adapt many things from Russian war history and put them in their war series so that give more realistic feels.

Though, Russia has banned many anime.\ Recently, Isekai anime were also banned but, despite all these bans Russia takes 5th position.

6. USA

7. Philippines

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8. Mexico

9. Japan

10. Spain

Top 10 Countries where anime is popular (by percentage)

1. Japan

Obviously, first place for popularity goes to Japan as anime originated from here. Japan is heaven for Otakus ranking top for manga and animes.

2. Philippines

Philippines may be a small Asian country but there are many anime fans here.

3. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia gets third place

4. El Salvador

5. Peru

6. Indonesia

7. Chile

8. Malaysia

9. Mexico

10. Costa Rica

Here in this list we can conclude that Anime is highly popular in Asian countries.

I am AK. I am one of the author here. I am watching anime for 5 Years. I started my Otaku journey from Death Note. Having watched and read hundreds of anime, webtoons and manga, I feel humble to be an author for posts related to anime, manga and webtoons . Gintama is my all time favourite!


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