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Mushoku Tensei Part 2 Episode 1 Release Date and Trailer

Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei is one of the highly anticipated anime and fans are eager for the release date of Part 2 of the anime. Mushoku Tensei Part 2 has been postponed several times due to some unforeseen circumstances.

Mushoku Tensei Part 1 released in January 2021. The 1st part of the series was appreciated by critics and fans alike. People praised the anime for having a unique plot, good characters and its beautiful animation.


Here we have the trailer of the Mushoku Tensei Part 2. The official account of Mushoku Tensei anime posted the trailer of Part 2. The trailer looks amazing and the animation looks top notch.

Release Date:

Mushoku Tensei Part 2 Episode 1 will release on 3rd,October 2021.


In the May 2014 issue of Monthly Comic Flapper, it was announced that the manga adaptation of Mushoku Tensei by Yuka Fujikawa would premiere in the June issue; though Yuka is the author of the manga series, character designs are credited to SiroTaka. Media Works collected the individual chapters into tankōbon volumes; the first volume was released in October 2014. In January 2015, Seven Seas Entertainment announced its licensing of the manga series for localization in North America under the title Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation.


Despite being bullied, scorned, and oppressed all of his life, a thirty-four-year-old shut-in still found the resolve to attempt something heroic—only for it to end in a tragic accident. But in a twist of fate, he awakens in another world as Rudeus Greyrat, starting life again as a baby born to two loving parents.

Preserving his memories and knowledge from his previous life, Rudeus quickly adapts to his new environment. With the mind of a grown adult, he starts to display magical talent that exceeds all expectations, honing his skill with the help of a mage named Roxy Migurdia. Rudeus learns swordplay from his father, Paul, and meets Sylphiette, a girl his age who quickly becomes his closest friend.

As Rudeus’ second chance at life begins, he tries to make the most of his new opportunity while conquering his traumatic past. And perhaps, one day, he may find the one thing he could not find in his old world—love.

Synopsis Source: MyAnimeList

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