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Naruto’s Baryon Mode Revealed

Fans got to Naruto’s new mode in Boruto Episode number 216. It is known as Baryon Mode which is Naruto’s strongest form till now.

If you haven’t caught with the Boruto anime here is the summary of the latest episode:

Naruto, Sasuke are facing their toughest enemy called Isshiki Otsusuki. He along with Kaguya Otsusuki were send to extract chakra from this world using the divine fruit. Since Kaguya betrayed Isshiki, he went into hiding in order to regain his power.

To execute his plan perfectly Isshiki needs to have Kawaki as his vessel. Boruto is well aware of the intentions of Isshiki therefore he along with Naruto and Sasuke go in a different dimension to fight Isshiki. However Isshiki seems to be too powerful for Naruto and Sasuke to handle alone and they get badly hurt.

Reveal of Baryon Mode

As it seems to be getting difficult for Naruto to defeat Isshiki, both Naruto and Kurama have a conversation with each other. Kurama asks Naruto what he is planning to do as Isshiki is too powerful for Naruto to defeat him and that he will die, Naruto replies that he is ready to sacrifice his life for the village whenever required.

Kurama then suggests to Naruto that there is way to defeat Isshiki if he uses this form. Then in the ending moments of episode Naruto is shown to attack Isshiki with Baryon Mode.

The form reveal, music and animation in the episode was amazing. Studio Pierrot is animating episode 217 so we can expect top notch quality of animation and fights.

Boruto:Naruto Next Generation episode 217 is scheduled to release on 26th September, 2021.

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